Peaceful Yoga





GENTLE YOGA ( LEVEL I): is a gentle stretch Yoga class for individuals of all levels; either those who are new to Yoga or for those wanting a more gentle session.  Various styles of (gentle) yoga are incorporated into this class including:  
week 1: Kripalu inspired Yoga;        week 2: 
Chair Yoga;       week 3:   Somatics;   
week 4:  Dru inspired Yoga;      week 5:  Viniyoga inspired    and week 6:  Intro to Level II (Gentle)   (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)


MODERATE YOGA (LEVEL II):  is for students who want a little more challenge.  More advanced beginner/intermediate level postures are practiced (& held longer) in order to continue to increase strength and flexibility.  


VINYASA (FLOW) (LEVEL II+):  is a flow series class where one posture flows into another, linked by breath to continue to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.  Variations on sun-salutation are incorporated to create a “meditative” practice.  This advanced beginner/intermediate level class is for individuals wanting a “high heat” (cardiovascular) session.


RESTORATIVE YOGA  - Restorative Yoga uses props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, etc.) to support the body in various yoga postures to enter a deep state of relaxation.  This class is great for all individuals, especially if you are working with an injury or have a lot of stress!  Since each person uses many props, the number of participants is limited, so Pre-Registration is required for this class.
See the following links for examples of postures practiced in restorative yoga: and 


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