Peaceful Yoga





GENTLE YOGA ( LEVEL I): is a gentle stretch Yoga class for individuals of all levels; either those who are new to Yoga or for those wanting a more gentle session.  Various styles of (gentle) yoga are incorporated into this class including:  Kripalu inspired Yoga, Chair Yoga, Somatics,  Dru inspired Yoga, Viniyoga inspired, Intro to Level II (Gentle), etc.  Variations of each pose are offered so each person can choose what is comfortable for individual needs.   SEE THE SCHEDULE PAGE FOR CLASS DATES/TIMES


MODERATE YOGA (LEVEL II):  is for students who want a little more challenge.  More advanced beginner/intermediate level postures are practiced (& held longer) in order to continue to increase strength and flexibility.   NO CLASSES SCHEDULED AT THE PRESENT TIME


VINYASA (FLOW) (LEVEL II+):  is a flow series class where one posture flows into another, linked by breath to continue to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.  Variations on sun-salutation are incorporated to create a “meditative” practice.  This advanced beginner/intermediate level class is for individuals wanting a “high heat” (cardiovascular) session.  NO CLASSES SCHEDULED AT THE PRESENT TIME


RESTORATIVE YOGA  - Restorative Yoga uses props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, etc.) to support the body in various yoga postures to enter a deep state of relaxation.  This class is great for all individuals, especially if you are working with an injury or have a lot of stress!  Since each person uses many props, the number of participants is limited, so Pre-Registration is required for this class.
See the following links for examples of postures practiced in restorative yoga: and SEE THE SCHEDULE PAGE FOR CLASS DATES/TIMES


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